At E-ten Architects we understand a successful design’s comes from understanding the way our clients work, the process involved and the business as a whole, providing energy efficient and well organised architecture. We seek to promote the importance of good design based upon knowledge of the planning policies and illustrations to demonstrate that our developments are high quality and make a positive contribution to an area. Our extensive experience with a wide range of design team members means we have the confidence and vision needed to deliver successful projects. Examples of E-ten Architects projects include;

New Offices and Retail, Bristol

An urban regeneration project on the water’s edge, creating offices, retail and community areas. The building acts as a mediator between the various scales of the surrounding buildings with a central open atrium linking the two office groups via bridges. The design was highly commented for its innovation and use of materials which included cooper mesh and cladding.

New Retail, Offices and Industrial development, Salisbury

The project involved re-locating the existing industrial workshop into a new building along with creating new retail and office units which allowed the existing industrial workshop to be converted into retail units. The process involved both detailed understanding of the various businesses and also the logistics of the various developments and programming.

New Offices, Warminster

The brief was to create a beautiful contemporary office that engaged with the environment and allowed flexible and adaptable internal spaces. The extensive design studies formed part of the submission to the planners and local residents to help explain the concept and design.