Residential, Bradford Upon Avon

Our residential projects consist of interesting and challenging sites to build unique homes in both a modern style and with listed buildings. At E-ten Architects we design elegant houses, extensions and renovations detailed and project managed through to completion ensuring the clients aspirations are met. Several of our projects have been published in the local and national publications and E-ten Architects have established a reputation for high design standards and obtaining planning consent on sensitive or challenging sites. Examples of E-ten Architects projects include;

Replacement Dwelling, Bath

The sloping site has enable the creation of a split level dwelling with large amounts of south facing glazing helped with the developments in technologies such as heat recovery systems. The scheme also includes sedum planting and photovoltaic panels and met the criteria for Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5.

New dwelling, Salisbury

The scheme has been submitted to local authority for consultation as part of the planning process which included extensive ecological surveys. The concept is to build the house in the southern sloping banks and to leave the surround areas as wild gardens so its impact and appearance is minimal. The design has been highly praised by the planning authority for its approach.

Through our work we have gained an understanding of the various types /approaches of renewable technologies that can complement our designs to provide a coherent and exciting project. E-ten Architects also have close working relationships with energy, ecology, archaeological, and traffic consultants to ensure our clients work with the best professionals and achieve their ambition.