The Brac, Somerset

The project is an infill development within a village without any settlement boundaries near Frome within the Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Downs A.O.N.B for two 3500sq ft dwellings. The scheme had to consider the wider landscape views due to the surrounding valley, the sloping site with TPO trees along with establishing the pattern and character of the area.

The scheme has been submitted for planning permission including one traditional neo-Georgian with a contemporary rear and one contemporary dwelling using a combination of local materials. Both designs include a sustainable approach analysing the orientations to optimise natural daylight and the use of renewable energy sources such as air source heat pumps and heat recovery systems with photovoltaic panels.

The approach to the site has been to create two dwellings of similar size with different architectural styles to avoid creating an uncharacteristic development to the area. However, the dwellings share some common themes in terms of landscaping, materials and scale. The contemporary dwelling has a single storey fully glazed Garden Room creating a dual aspect with access to the upper terrace and full panoramic viewing over the north and west garden while also overlooking the lower terrace. The zinc element is stepped back from the south and east elevations creating a balcony and planted roof over the Garden Room while projecting over the higher flat roof element to create an entrance door canopy.

Location: Development outside the settlement boundary for two dwellings near Frome, Somerset.